Michael’s $1 Deals

Michael’s craft stores is having a $1 Sale.  Go HERE if you don’t have their ad that you can get in the Sunday Newspaper.  Among the items that are $1 are:

Get 5 Open Stock Paper, regularly $0.59 each.
Ashland Spring Bushes, regularly $1.99
Get 3 Spool O’ Ribbon, regularly $0.50 each
Get 2 Morning Dew & Artistic Silk floral Stems, regularly $0.99 each.
Craft Keepers 8 ½” x 11” & 12” x 12”, regularly $1.79 – $1.99
Sugar ‘N Cram Yarn, regularly $1.79
Get 3 Craft Smart Acrylic Paint 2 oz, regularly $0.59
Pioneer Photo Corner & Squares, regularly $2.29
Get 3 Ready-To- Finish Wood Frames, regularly $0.59 each
Marbles, Gems, River Rocks or Sea Glass, regularly $2.49


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