I Apologize

Seems today was the day for things to go wrong.  I had a virus called “Antivirus Live.”  Nasty little bugger.  It took me a good 5 hours to learn how to get it off my computer so I am way behind.

If that is not enough, right before that happened I was upgrading the blogs buttons and learning how to put buttons on it so that took a few hours there.  I will attempt to catch up so I can give you all the savings that we all deserve.

Thanks, Carol


One response to “I Apologize

  1. Oh Carol that really is awful but thank goodness you are up back on track. Your site is coming along great. I love your Frugal Map widget. How did you do that. I want one for sure but I can’t apply until I have had my blog for 3 months. I am counting down until I can apply. Hope you are enjoying your blog. I am enjoying mine and can’t believe how many people are stopping by my site. I am so glad you got your site back on track. If you need any help just ask. I will help as well as I can. I am new too but have learned so much.

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