My Shopping Trip

I did some shopping today and I got so excited because I saved so much!!  My plan was to go to Safeway just to get the Fruit Gushers and Betty Crocker Potatoes.  I ended up getting Jennie-O Ground Turkey also because it was on clearance and I could use some.

4 Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers                                      $4.00
Less coupons                                                                       $2.00 ($1MQ, $1MQ)
2 Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes                           $1.98
Less coupons                                                                       $1.25 (.40 EQ, .35MQ, & .50MQ)
Jennie-O Ground Turkey                                                $4.99
Less clearance                                                                     $2.00
Less catalina coupon for next trip                              $2.50
Total:                                                                                    $3.22  for the above!!!! I saved $7.75!

Oh happy day!!!!

I also went to Rite Aid and got a happy surprise there!  I was planning on only getting the Vicks Nyquil but ended up getting some Christmas decorations on 90% clearance.  I couldn’t believe they still had Christmas items!!

2 Sets of Red Flock Bows                                                 $3.96
less 90%                                                                                 $3.58
1 Giant Gift Bag                                                                    $3.99
less 90%                                                                                 $3.60
1 roll of wrapping paper                                                  $4.99
less 90%                                                                                 $4.50
1 set of 3 rolls wrapping paper                                     $5.99
less 90%                                                                                 $5.40
Haiti Earthquake Relief                                                   $1.00
Vicks Nyquil                                                                        $3.99
less Rite Aid Rebate                                                          $1.00
less MQ                                                                                   $2.00
Total:                                                                                    $3.84 for the above.  I saved $20.08!!!

Total saved $27.83!!!!!



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