5 Cheap Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

This is a summary of an article by Financial Expert Dave Ramsey.  You can see the whole article HERE.

How are we going to treat our loved one to Valentine’s Day?  We don’t have to spend, spend, spend.  Will it be flowers, chocolate, dinner and a movie?  Cheap dates or ideas are hard to come by.  Did we make a new year’s resolution to be budget conscience?  Here are some ideas to keep our budget in tact.

  1. Dinner and a Movie- This may seem cliché but what about a home cooked romantic dinner by candle light and then a movie rental.  (you can get a cheap movie rental thru Redbox!)
  2. Go for a ride- You may spend money on gas but spending time with your loved one is memorable.  Go to a town that you haven’t been to in a while.  Sit and listen to the sounds around you.  Or revisit the places you haven’t been to in a while.  Take some pictures together.
  3. Have a Game Night- Do you have a Wii or board games you can play?  You can ask some friends over or just have the two of you to have fun together.  There can be a lot of laughter in a date like this.
  4. Go to a Museum- What about some culture?  Learn about some art, it isn’t too expensive.  If you want to make it a full day of fun go home to a home cooked meal and then play games afterward.
  5. Take a Hike- Take a bag lunch, some water and go on a hike.  There may be many trails or parks in your area that you can do for free.  Take your time, listen to the sounds of nature, look at all the variety of plants, it could be very interesting.  And most of all have FUN!

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