The Bank Waived My Late Fee!

I found out two days after my credit card payment was due for this past month that they charged me a $39 late fee!!  Boy was I angry at myself and the bank.  After all how could they do that.

I work so hard at trying to save money because I am quite destitute and then this happens.  If I just paid it on time this wouldn’t have happened.  If I didn’t use credit cards this wouldn’t have happened!  If the banks weren’t so money hungry this wouldn’t have happened!!

I thought of how I could’ve spent that money wisely, $39!  That’s a week of groceries (on a good week!)  That is a very full tank of gas.  That is more than the minimum payment of the credit card itself!  I don’t usually reward myself but that is money for a great massage!

So, as angry as I was I called the bank.  I’ve used this bank ever since I moved to CA 20 years ago.  I told the representative I was an idiot for not paying my credit card statement on time and wondered if they could waive the late fee.  He was so nice and said he would since I have a good record and have been with them a long time.

Wow!  It just took a few minutes of mine and his time and I saved $39!  So, if you find yourself in this quandry try giving your bank a call, the phone number is always on the bill and you can save yourself a lot of money.  Think of all the OTHER ways you could have spent this money.  It worked for me!

Any stories that you have in saving money in anyway?  Drop me a line by commenting and others can find it useful too!


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