Kmart Super Double Coupons

I wasn’t going to post this just because I live in a land of no doubles and didn’t know how popular it would be.   But…I was perusing another blog and found out that a Kmart near me was going to accept double coupons from 4/4-4/10.

Now I’m excited!  I don’t think I’ve been to a Kmart since living on the east coast back 20 years!  Kmart will accept coupons up to $2 to double up their amount so we can get some really great deals out there.  Think of all those game coupons that just came out, we can probably get a lot of games for FREE.  At least the travel ones.

So, start saving your coupons if you use Kmart.  Not sure what will be on sale during that week.  I don’t even get a circular for them but I’m sure one will be online at  I’m sure I’ll find some sweet deals to tell you about and if you find one let me know and I will pass it on.

I love comments and feedback!!

Thanks Mercedes!


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