FREE Hot Prints School Print Program

Hot Prints, the company that gives you FREE photo books each month, is coming out with a Cool School Print Program.  The program offers schools that people nominate FREE photo books that children make so they can Express Creativity and Share Memories.  This can provide schools a different option to provide photo books within the schools budget.

Wouldn’t it be cool if school clubs can put their photos together and make a club photo book?  They’d have so much fun showing it to their parents and friends.  The photo book is FREE and the shipping is FREE!

How does this work you ask?  All you have to do is nominate your school.  Hot Prints requires a verified school address and a representative from your school who will become your Hot Prints School Ambassador.  This can be anyone associated with your school:  a parent, a teacher, a volunteer etc.

How does Hot Prints provide this service for FREE?  In each photo book is an advertisement in the middle of the book but you can just pull the advertisement out, it is not attached to the pages of the photo book.

Once your school is verified the ambassador will be given a school login which can be used to make photo books for the entire school.

Go here for more information and how to get started!  And have fun!


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