Pop Tarts Rewards Program to Redeem for Prizes

Pop Tarts has started a rewards program.  When you buy specially-marked Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts products between now and 9/29/2011 you can enter codes on those products to get rewards.

You need to join or login to your Pop-Tarts Sprinklings site and enter codes from different flavors of Pop-Tarts (there are 27).   Your account will then be credited with one code for each unique flavor.  You may only enter up to 5 a day.  Once you get enough credits for the prizes you want you can choose that prize.   The rewards consist of:

  • 2 boxes Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries – need 5 codes
  • 5 Music Downloads – need 5 codes
  • 1 Magazine Subscription – need 5 codes
  • 1 Movie Ticket (value up to $12) – need 5 codes
  • 25 Photo Prints – need 5 codes

So if you like/love Pop-Tarts this is the program for you!

You can find a $1 off three Pop-Tarts in the Sunday Supplement 02/07/2010 RP
to get you started.  They are on sale at Safeway and it’s affiliates this week!


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